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We are a group of people who have travelled and discovered the interest of the people and worked according to their needs and comfort as well. That’s how we have started and that’s how we are still going on.

We are one of the personalized stores with a group of stylists to recommend you a wide variety of stylish, comfortable and fashionable footwear as per your needs.

We are a footwear brand, offering customer-oriented sports and casual shoes. With the quality made to last, our collection is updated with new arrivals every month, to allow the style conscious people to take advantage of new shoe styles.

Our Mission

  1. To walk on the way to ensure customer satisfaction.

  2. To follow the standards of honest workmanship.

  3. To maintain an inexorable commitment to innovation and sustainable business practices.

How we are the best?

We are among the leading shoe manufacturers in the country because:
1. We offer the one stop destination to pick the right pair of footwear.
2. We are dedicated to fulfill your shopping desire.